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First World War

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Military aircraft personnel

Aeronautical personnels

Database of navigators and ground personnel of the air force during the Great War

This database has been obtained by digitalizing and indexing the personal records of the staff, kept at the historical service of the air force at Vincennes("Service historique de la Défense, département Air").

It contains some 74 000 records including the flying crews (pilots, observers, flight engineers, machine gunners and photographers) and the ground staff (mechanics, meteorologists, sailmakers, carpenters or members of the commissariat).

Historical document, this base may not be completed. However, the inaccurate data may be corrected, either through a decision of the French administration or upon a request of persons entitled to exert their right to amendment in conformity with the terms of the ministerial decree creating the website. The requests must be sent by post to the following address :

Ministère de la défense
Direction de la mémoire, du patrimoine et des archives
Bureau de la politique des archives et des bibliothèques
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