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Korean War

This database gives access to informations about the men and women who died during the Korean war (1950-1953) and obtained the special distinction "killed in action" ("Mort pour la France").

It is the result of the digitalization and indexation of documents recorded by french war veterans administration just after the war. These records are nowadays preserved by the ministry of defence ("Service historique de la Défense").

The "Mort pour la France" distinction is granted under the terms of the invalidity pensions and war victims code.

This base may be added to or corrected, either through a decision of the French administration or upon a request of persons entitled to exert their right to amendment in conformity with the terms of the ministerial decree creating the site. The requests must be sent by post to the following address : webmestre.

Militaires du BF/ONU décédés

Soldiers who died during the Korean War

Deceased military personnel of the UN French Battalion

Accès cartographique

Map access

Cet accès complémentaire permet la localisation des principaux lieux de décès des militaires et donne des éléments de contexte historique

Journaux des marches et opérations

War diaries of the French Battalion

JMO du Commandement des forces terrestres de l'ONU (FTF/ONU), du BF/ONU et du Centre d'organisation et d'instruction (COI) du BF/ONU