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Inaugurated in November 2003, with the "Morts pour la France during the First World War" base as a virtual memorial in tribute to the  soldiers who lost their lives,  Mémoire des hommes website is regularly enriched thereafter. Its purpose is to make accessible to the public, documents and information from the archive collections kept by the Ministère des Armées. It also offers an overview of the very rich collections of cultural possessions held by the Ministère des Armées.

In addition to its objective as a virtual memorial, this cultural portal also meets the interests of historical and genealogical research. Several tools intended for the general public as well as for historians and genealogists are offered by Mémoire des hommes. They offer the possibility of performing precise and cross-referenced searches.
Administered by the Direction des Patrimoines, de la Mémoire et des Archives (DPMA), Mémoire des hommes is organized around five themes, to take in the entire cultural heritage of the Ministère des Armées.

   -"Conflicts and operations" brings together all contemporary conflicts from the First World War until the creation of the mention "Mort pour le service de la Nation" in 2015. The nominative databases proposed allow to refine historical and statistical researches on conflicts contemporaries. They are often with digital archives.

   -"Individual Careers" is a section intended to promote archives allowing to