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Shot in the First World War

Peloton d'exécution

Database of the soldiers and civilians sentenced to death and shot in accordance with military judiciary decision or summarily executed during the First World War

The current database is the result of a systematic analysis of war councils archives never led before. It allows search through the whole case files and court decisions, held by the Service historique de la defense, for each individual, military or civilian, french or foreigner, sentenced by military courts and shot during the conflict, on whatsoever reason, at the front as well as in the rear.


The 1009 people registered who were shot, including the ones summarily executed, were sentenced for disobeying military orders as well as spying or for ordinary law offence or crime. Due to the vagaries of history, some files are missing. The Dead for France during the First World War database partly fills this gap.


French President François Hollande announced on the 7th of November 2013, during the launching of the First World War commemoration, that the Council War files would be digitised and put online. The project has been authorised by the deliberation n° 2014-301 of the 10 July 2014 of the National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties (CNIL).


Deliberation n° 2014-301 of the 10 July 2014

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