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Second World War

The first base presents the file of military registry office of the Second World War, gathering the set of some 200 000 servicemen died during the operations which took place between 1939 and 1945.

This second base identifies 1 010 people shot at Mont Valerien whose names are inscribed on the memorial built at Suresnes.

Soldiers who died in World War II

Soldiers who died during the Second World War

The Ministry of Defence puts on-line on the site Memory of the Men the file of military registry office of the World War II.

Persons shot at Mont-Valerien

Those shot at Mont-Valerien

This base gives a list of the 1009 persons who were shot to death by the enemy during the second world war and whose names are written on the monument erected at Suresnes (Hauts de Seine).

Soldats polonais à Saint-Renan (29) avant leur départ pour Narvik en Norvège, avril 1940 - © SHD DE 2007 ZC 18/1/4102

Engagés volontaires étrangers en 1939-1940

Base de données des volontaires étrangers engagés à servir la France entre le 1er septembre 1939 et le 25 juin 1940

Source complémentaire

The War Burials database is used to find the place of burial of those who died during contemporary conflicts, who were buried in national cemeteries and communal military plots maintained by the Ministry of Defence, both in France and abroad.

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