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First World War

The first base has more than 1.3 million individual Digital deceased during the Great War and having obtained the words "Dead for France".

The second includes more than 70 000 individual digitized soldiers who belonged to the military aerospace.

The last Database contains scanned images of marches and newspaper operations, notebooks accounting campaign, logs, etc. all military units involved in the First World War.

Dead for France

Those who died for France in the First World War

Database of the 1.3 million who died for France in the First World War

Peloton d'exécution

Shot in the First World War

Database of the soldiers and civilians sentenced to death and shot in accordance with military judiciary decision or summarily executed during the First World War

Aeronautical personnels

Military aircraft personnel

Database of navigators and ground personnel of the air force during the Great War

War diaries

War diaries of units in the First World War

Logs of operations, campaign account notebooks and on-board and navigational logs for all military units engaged during the First World War

Historiques régimentaires des unités

Regimental histories

Account of armed attackes of units engaged in the Great War

AFGG, tome IV, 1er volume. Situation sur le front du Nord-Est, le 21 février 1916

Armées françaises dans la Grande Guerre (AFGG)

Relation générale et officielle des opérations menées par les unités engagées dans la Grande guerre sous la forme de 107 volumes (précis, annexes de documents et cartes)

Collaborative indexing

The Minister for Defence proposes that users of the site annotate the pages of certain useful digitised documents for genealogy and searching in local history.

Contribute to collaborative indexing

Source complémentaire

The War Burials database is used to find the place of burial of those who died during contemporary conflicts, who were buried in national cemeteries and communal military plots maintained by the Ministry of Defence, both in France and abroad.

Générations 14, Mémoires intimes de la Grande Guerre

Accès au site Générations 14

Dans le cadre des commémorations du Centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale, Générations 14 vous propose de partir à la rencontre de vos aïeux « Morts pour la France ».

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